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Words have power. Well-chosen words raise you above the crowd, focus the attention on the story you have to tell, and communicate more effectively than words written in haste and under the pressure of deadlines and lack of know-how.

Writing may not be your interest or forte. Perhaps you have too many other demands on your time and talents. You may have a number of writing projects that need completion that require a higher level of attention or skill than you are able to provide.

Whatever your situation may be, I am here to:

  • Help you save time, effort, and aggravation.
  • Help you save money and get the most out of the money you spend by freeing you up to focus on what you do best, knowing that your writing projects have the high level of polish and effectiveness that makes you and your company memorable.
  • Alleviate the stress of trying to figure it out on your own so your writing projects can be truly effective and productive.
  • Present a polished, intelligent, well-spoken image to your world.

A sampling of the many writing needs I am able to fill for you are:

*Newsletters and Blog Posts
*E-mails and Direct Mail Copywriting
*Editing and Coaching
*Process Capture and Documentation
*Bios and Company Histories
*Media Kits
*Educational Webinars and Conferences
*Manuscript Typing

Contact me today at 1-978-238-8107 or to discuss your project. I look forward to working with you. Have a wonderful day.


Cathleen E. Rossiter, CEO Bespoke Writing Solutions

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